Scriba: pen – holder

It is the nomadic object for excellence that recalls the adventures . In fact it is inspired to the writing desk of the Captain who annotated everything in the ship’s log..
Scriba is endowed with two containers for pencils, pens and brushes and of a smaller one that can slide inside the box or be positioned outside of the box.
Made in solid black walnut and covered in hand sawn leather: an aesthetical distinctive sign but, above all, functional because they strengthen the estate of the zipper. The box is perfectly closed thanks to two micro magnets.
Scriba is a precious case that contain pens, pencils, etc, the perfect gift for writers, architects and collectors that love to put back the objects with care.
Dimensions: open cm 50 x 18,5; closed cm 50 x 9 x H. 7



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  • Typology pen holder
  • designer Enrico Tonucci